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Capitaine Grimdark Gold

The GRIMDARK paint style is a widely used paint style for miniatures in Warhammer and other similar miniature games. ​

The term Grimdark refers to a dark and violent universe in which the characters of these games evolve, and this style aims to recreate this dark and austere atmosphere. ​

Painting techniques used for the Grimdark style include the use of dark colors, strong contrasts between shadows and lights (e.g. OSL), and effects of weathering, rust, oxidation, and corrosion to make the miniatures look worn and aged.

Metallic colors, such as silver and bronze, are often used to give the impression of worn metal. ​

Contrasted with a very important play of lights, the GRIMDARK allows our professional painters to create real atmospheres around the figurines.

From the gold level, conversion and sculpting work is added. ​

The Grimdark Style includes three different Paint Levels: Silver, Gold and Diamond.

Access more examples of figurines painted in various styles:

Archaon à pied Style Grimdark niveau Diamond
Warhammer Adeptus Mechanicus Grimdark Silver
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