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Curious to know more about the Piktores Studio workshop? Well we hope that these few photos will quench your thirst for knowledge ;)

Work in progress

This is the studio where our painters work and give painting lessons. Located in Montpellier, it is the place where their creativity comes from, a place where they can exchange, inspire, synergize. You can come on site to see the figurines on sale in the store or to take a painting class by appointment. You can also admire their works in the gallery section of the site:

Work in progress
Etabli formation peinture

Painting lessons

A space is dedicated in our workshop to brush or airbrush painting training. Normally reserved for private lessons, this space is designed to be modular in order to accommodate a 2nd painting workbench, for training with a friend or as a couple!

Game Room

Here is the conference room, very often transformed into a games room, because after the effort there is comfort! If you are in the south of France or can travel, you can also play a game against our painters when the figurines are handed out to test if all these brushstrokes improve your dice rolls!

Salle de conférence
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