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The price of your painting order (assembly and magnets not included) gives you access to gifts, these are cumulative. Your figurines will be even more beautiful for the same price!

socle figurine

Base basic offered

From 200 Euros Base offered

free hand

1x Free-Hand for free

From 500 Euros Honorary shielding


1x Unique character of your choice painted one level above at no additional cost

From 700 Euros Hero of the chapter

2 free hand

2x Free-Hand for free

From 1000 Euros Additional Honorary shielding


2 personnages

2x Unique Characters of your choice painted from a higher level at no additional cost

From 1300 Euros Extra Chapter Hero

Marneus Calgar Diamond

1 Unique Character of your choice painted in diamond level for free

From 2000 Euros  Master of the Chapter

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