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Our armies and figurines available for sale 

Between two painting commissions, we paint the figurines that inspire us, and we put these creations on sale on our shop. ​
We also offer ready-made armies (mounted, painted and base) for games such as Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar. ​
These armies are advantageous by their price which reconciles the cost of the miniatures and the painting service. Some of our creations have received renowned painting awards such as the Golden Demon or the Armies On Parade.

Scion force
Leman Russ

Here is an army in an effective level of paint, Silver level, and at a completely affordable price. These Astra Militarum will look great on your gaming table, for small games of Warhammer 40000, and we have other models if you want to increase your strength! They are painted in a grimdark style, this is not their first war, and it shows ;) Each figurine has been aged and dirtied to be more realistic on the battlefield!

- 1 Commissar

- 1 Command squad of scions

- 2 squads de 5 scions

- 1 Leman Russ

- 1 Valkyrie
- 1 Taurox
- 1 Squad of 3 Bulgrins


Slave to Darkness Army Diamond level 3600€

Superb army painted to a very high standard that will look great on a gaming table and even in a display case!
It's a very large competitive army that allows you to play several different formats.

The pack includes:

- Archaon
- Lord on Manticore

- Exalted Hero
- 12 Varanguards
- 2 Chaos Tanks

- 1 Ripper tank

- 1 Chaos Altar
- 16 Iron Golems
- 3 Persistent Spells

- 10 chaos knights

- 40 Chaos Warriors

Vindicare Assassin

Vindicare Assassin OOP 250€

Figurine collector peinte en niveau Diamond

Chaplain, Captain, Librarian
Intercessors et Impulsor
Assault squad
Agressors, Incursors
Impulsor, Intercessors
Armée Imperial Fist niveau Diamond

Magnificent army of Space Marines Imperial Fists painted at Diamond level.

This army won the Armies On Parade award for the most beautiful army in all categories.
Contains :

1x Tor Garadon Captain

2X Primaris Impulsors

1x Primaris Librarian

1x Primaris Chaplain

1x Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armor

10x Primaris Infiltrators

3x Suppressors

3x Eliminators

5x Primaris Intercessors

5x Primaris Incursors

3x Primaris Aggressors

3x Primaris Eradicators

5x Primaris Hellblasters

10x Primaris Assault intercessor

5x Assault Marines (first born)


World Eater


Army painted with different levels of paint see below for each model


Army including: ​

Abaddon Diamond Level

Fabius Bile Diamond Level

Kharn Diamond Level

Execution Master Gold Level

Chaplain and his 2 acolytes Gold Level master of possession Gold level

22 chosen Silver level

2 rhino Gold Level

1 landraider Gold Level

2 venomcrawler Gold Level

2 ferrocerberus Gold Level

10 terminators Silver Level

10 Raptors Silver Level

6 bikers Silver Level

1 Kytan Daemon engine of Khorne Gold Level

4 obliterators Silver Level

10 possessed Silver Level

1 discordant lord Gold level

Salamanders army figurines peintes silver


Army painted at Silver level:

1 Vulkan
30 MK3 marines

5 MK4 marines
10 Terminators cataphractii

5 Terminators tartaros

10 Terminators Firedrakes
10 marines pyroclasts
1 Contemptor
1 Leviathan
1 Sicaran arcus strike tank
1 Predator deimos Flamestorm

1 Scorpius missile tank
1 Captain

Army painted at Gold level:


All figures have been converted, all poses are unique.

- 1 Chaos Knight Tyrant ​


-1 magnetized Chaos Knight that can be played as Abominable, Raider, Rampager or Defiler. ​


- 10 magnetized Mastiffs that can be played as Hunters, Beaters or Brigands. 5 can be played as Carnivores, 4 can be played as Executors.


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