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We also offer four different paint levels, suitable for all wallets and miniatures:


From 6€ per figurine ​


With low prices, the Bronze level allows you to have miniatures ready to play for your populous armies or your board games.


From 8€ per figure ​


The Silver level allows us to be efficient in bringing you beautiful painted armies quickly, at a very attractive price. It will be mainly intended for games requiring many figurines.

soeurs de bataille classique silver

soeurs de bataille Style classique niveau silver


From 16€ per figure ​


Allowing more time to be devoted to details, the Gold level is perfect for a limited number of miniatures, such as important characters for army games, or even gangs whole for skirmish games.

Renegade Knight Grimdark gold

Renegade Knight  grimdark  gold

We use the same paint base for the Silver level and the Gold level. We are very flexible and our service is tailor-made for our clients. We can paint your miniatures Silver and then upgrade them to Gold later if you change your mind.


From 36€ per figure ​


Intended for collectible figurines, to be showcased or displayed in a showcase, the Diamond level allows us to use advanced methods such as Non Metalic Metal (NMM) or True Metalic Metal (TMM) (etc...).

It will be perfect for collection busts, or even for certain army pieces that can sublimate this one.

SANGUinius  classic  diamond

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